4 Stars Who Use HGH

Countless celebrities have been rumored to buy HGH to help support a healthy lifestyle. From models to actors and a little bit of everyone in between, Hollywood has turned to this wonder drug for years to see big results in minimal amounts of time. These 4 celebs are among the growing list of stars and starlets to use HGH…

Suzanne Somers

Back in 2006, Somers published a book all about the wonders of what buying HGH for sale could really do for the female body. Aware that baby boomers were losing their edge in her industry, she set out to find a way to turn back the clock in a way that did not involve painful needles or dangerous surgeries. This magnum opus of sorts really opened up the way for other people in Hollywood to grow interested in the drug. She even went on to say that not only did the drug help you to look and feel younger, but that it could also have a significant impact on menopausal symptoms like bloating, sweating, itching, mood swings, forgetfulness and vaginal dryness.

Sylvester Stallone

Though stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger have denied using HGH, Sly Stallone is one action hero that is known to have used human growth hormone for sale when he was caught with the substance at a local airport. Though women typically use the drug for its anti-aging properties, men tend to use the substance for increased strength, energy and vitality. Needless to say, whatever Sly is doing is working for him. Even decades after Rambo, he still looks like the Sly Stallone that we remember as children.

Mary J. Blige

Mary was named in a New York steroid and HGH investigation along with other key artists like 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and even Tyler Perry. Blige never spoke out publically about the reasons that she used HGH, but at 46 years old, Mary still looks the same as the day that she came on the music scene. Whether she is still using HGH or not, Mary knows what works for her body and it is clear every time we see her. She still looks incredible.

Penelope Cruz

Although this rumor has never been proven publically, Penelope Cruz is one star rumored to buy human growth hormone to help boost her efforts at the gym. Seemingly ageless, Cruz is among one of the top people in Hollywood that surgeons can rarely figure out. She looks many years younger than her real age and her body has not changed in twenty years. If she is using HGH this might put those surgery rumors to rest once and for all. Either way, Penelope is a natural beauty who has found something that genuinely works for her… no matter what that really is.

From athletes looking to boost muscles to actresses trying to firm their skin and increase energy levels, HGH has a place in almost every industry… and has something to offer to anyone willing to give this treatment a solid try.

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