6 Celebrities Who Use HGH

HGH is the next big thing in fitness supplements, even replacing steroids in some instances. From actors to athletes and plenty of others in between, Hollywood has caught on quickly, leaving a trail of supporters in its path. These 6 celebrities were among the first to buy HGH and jump on the bandwagon to utilize this potent supplement for themselves…

Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone had long denied using any kind of supplement use to help achieve his ripped figure, however, he was caught with vials of HGH at the airport several years ago… which proved that he had also dabbled in finding HGH for sale. It is unclear if he made the trip strictly to buy human growth hormone or if he just carried it with him while traveling. Either way, so many years after the Rambo films, Sly still looks great and we should all be so lucky as to look so amazingly fit at any age.

50 Cent

50 Cent was named in an investigation that stemmed from buying human growth hormone for sale from a doctor in New York. HGH is not illegal, but the methods on which the drug was acquired may have been a little shady. Perhaps, this is what prompted the investigation. Either way, 50 looks great and we would not want to be the guy to confront him about possibly juicing up. He’s pretty big.

Tyler Perry

Perry was another name that came up in the 50 Cent HGH debacle. Tyler isn’t exactly a big guy muscle wise so it is thought that if he did buy human growth hormone that he did so to lose a little weight. The writing and acting powerhouse looks incredible these days and whatever he is doing behind the scenes is definitely working out for him.

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte has praised the effects of HGH for providing energy and a better ability to build and maintain muscle mass. One thing is for certain, no one wants to argue with Nick Nolte… Warrior anyone?

Dixie Carter

This red-headed wrestling bombshell has praised the effects of HGH for entirely different reasons than the other celebs on our list. With anti-aging properties that can improve skin texture, energy levels and even hair’s shine, Dixie Carter is on board with human growth hormone for its “fountain of youth” properties that make you look and feel years younger.

Oliver Stone

This Scarface writer has plenty of badass factor going for him. With a hand in movies like Snowden, Platoon, Natural Born Killers, Any Given Sunday and Born on the Fourth of July, this guy’s career just screams “fist fight.” Oliver Stone has praised HGH for its energizing capabilities and its fitness boosting prowess.

A safer alternative to steroids, HGH is quickly becoming the fitness world’s favorite go-to supplement for not only looking better, but feeling better too. From celebrities on the red carpet to athletes in the ring, human growth hormone is an aid that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Last Updated on: February 16th, 2017 at 10:12 pm, by thehubfargo